You have a ‘quantum’ mind



Click…amaze your eyes

Click on this picture.

You see the circles moving, except for the one you are staring at.

Do not be surprised by this illusion. You create your life in the same manner. With your thoughts you are constantly deciding what event to look at, and thus bring into your life.

You may not be aware but our mind is constantly sending ‘energy-waves’ – quantum scientists call them ‘offer-waves’ because through them we send an offer for a potential event to occur. When these waves meet with this potential occurrence, they ‘freeze’ it, just like we stop a circle from moving in this visual illusion.

All events that occur in our life exist in potentiality, waiting to be realized. With our thoughts we transform them from potential into real life events.

This is the reason our thoughts are so important. They dominate and shape our lives. They are responsible for all our successes and failures.

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