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This book shows how if a couple go by the Golden Rules then their problems can be  solved. Written in an easy fluent style  with excellent advice, it explains how our minds and thoughts govern our  situations. I particularly liked the way the  book combines ancient wisdom with modern concepts and shows there is not much  difference after all. Leanne  Saunders – Zeus Literary Evaluator



Life can provide satisfaction or hardships equally, depending on how we make use of our thoughts.

Fourteen Principles (Ch 1) explain life as it really is, without mysticism, and the mechanisms responsible for your failures or successes.

This is followed by the Main Strategy to deal with difficulties (Ch 2) and techniques to develop and use Mind Power (Ch 3). Ch 4, Living a Complete Life, examines our life components such as career, family, finances, etc, and goals for improving these.



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Book I: The Quantum Prophet

The Quantum Prophet is an old wise man impersonating a fictional human idealization of David Deutsch’s quantum computer with nearly infinite knowledge. In front of a very inquisitive audience he addresses the most profound secrets of our human existence. He explains what and where is our consciousness, how with it we access ‘the world of potentialities’ from where we get absolutely everything, including the state of our health, our earnings and whether we are in a happy or dysfunctional relationship. Referring to the works of Stephen Hawking, Fred A Wolf, Henry Stapp, and Werner Heisenberg, amongst other physicists, he explains how with our thoughts and intentions we assemble the events in our lives from copies that exist in potentiality in hidden dimensions. But there is a catch; our choices are given to us as pre-reflective intentions by our collective consciousness.

Book II: Human Quantum

The Quantum Human is no ordinary person and yet, is every individual in the world. Together, we all make our collective-consciousness (Homo sapiens), a unique quantum system that gives us all our thoughts and intentions. Book II explains how with our thoughts we ‘ask’ our collective consciousness for what we want, and how our wishes are then assembled in ‘templates of reality’ in dimensions of wavefunction possibilities, from where we construct our lives.

Book III: The Quantum Psychologist

The philosophy in Book III is simple: We humans have been evolving for two hundred thousand years, whereas the universe has existed for nearly fourteen billion years; can we really claim that what made us evolve during this brief period is essentially different to what made the universe expand for such a long time?

Fred Hollins (Fictional name) is a renowned quantum Psychologist. In an interview with his publisher, he explains that our human attributes, including intelligence, free-will, and feelings are in reality essential mechanisms common to all that exist. To understand our human condition we need to identify these underlying processes, and quantum science provides us with the means. He shows how we live in two forms, one as a physical body in a physical world, and another in transcendental potential ‘copies’ in our invisible quantum world. Then he surprises us with what may sound as science fiction, except that it isn’t; with our thoughts we change our past.